Digium phone does not find the configuration server


As i am new to Asterisk please excuse my lack of knowledge, however i am learning quickly.

I have set up a Asterisk Free PBX running FreePBX and Asterisk 11.5.1

Trying to use Digium phone module

The D70 can not find the configuration server.

The licence has been installed and the discovery service is enabled. (see belos for responced from the asterisk cli)

I must have missed somthing.

Any help appreciated.


localhostCLI> digium_phones license status
OK, Valid product license found
CLI> digium_phones show settings
---- Digium Phone Module Global Settings ----
Service Discovery: Enabled
Service Disc. Name: Asterisk
Service Disc. Addr:
Service Disc. Port: 5060
Userlist Authentication: disabled
Config Authentication: disabled
Firmware Package Directory: /var/www/html/admin/modules/digium_phones/firmware_package/
File Directory: /etc/asterisk/digium_phones/

Is avahi installed? See Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) v 1.7 - Digium's Asterisk products - Asterisk Project Wiki

Use these commands to install it.

yum -y install avahi
chkconfig avahi-daemon on
service avahi-daemon restart

Thank you that did the trick.


Reading the instructions works every time. If we could have back the time our wonderful patient members spend with people who refuse to read documentation and expect experts in the forum to do their work for them.