Digium phone add-on configuration issues

This may need to be reported to Digium - but I thought I’d try here first. Recently I was using AsteriskNOW and the HD started to fail - so I’ve been in the process of switching to FreePBX 13. Everything has gone extremely smoothly, with the exception of two things - both related to the Digium Addsons.

First - when configuring a Phone Applications, Queues, and selecting a queue - dynamic members are not appearing under ‘Members’. That’s not a huge deal, because I can add them to the ‘Managers’ group and they can see the queue and still login; however, I am unable to save the newly edited queue because it appears the FreePBX footer is blocking that option (see attached screenshot below)

In addition to that, I get an error every time I try and add a logo to a phone:

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

  $device['networks'][] = $network;


if (!empty($_POST[‘devicelogos’])) foreach ($_POST[‘devicelogos’] as $logoid) {
$logo = array();
$logo[‘logoid’] = $logoid;
foreach ($olddevice[‘logos’] as $l) {
if ($l[‘logoid’] == $logoid) {
$logo = $l;

Any help would be much appreciated.