Digium FXO setup

dahdi_hardware -v
pci:0000:02:08.0 wctdm24xxp- d161:8006 Wildcard AEX410P

Output of dahdi_scan

And post content of file /etc/dahdi/system.conf

A simple thing to check is ‘ls -al /dev/dahdi/*’ so you can verify the ctl pipe is there.

-bash: /etc/dahdi/system.conf: Permission denied

ls -al /dev/dahdi/*
ls: cannot access /dev/dahdi/*: No such file or directory

You should be doing most of this DAHDI setup as ‘root’, since you are talking to the hardware. Once you are confident everything is set up correctly, you should issue the command “fwconsole chown” to reset the permissions on everything so that it is operable by the PBX.

The config file should be owned by ‘asterisk.asterisk’. If you do the “fwconsole chown” now, you should still be able to access it as ‘root’. As long as you don’t delete and recreate it, the permissions should stay.

The /dev/dahdi stuff is needed because that’s how the card communicates with Asterisk. Once the DAHDI daemon is running (the config file is built and owned by the right user), the ctl file should autopopulate in the /etc/dahdi directory. If /etc/dahdi doesn’t exist, create it by hand (“mkdir /etc/dahdi”) and make sure it’s owned by Asterisk.

The command ‘fwconsole start’ should start DAHDI and Asterisk both, in sequence. Avoid using any of the other “system starter” method you might be used to as a Linux Admin (“service dahdi start”, for example) since fwconsole makes sure the ownerships and permissions are required to be correctly.

I am doing all of this a root thats why I find it strange I am getting this “permission denied”

when I run “fwconsole start” Dahdi is not in the list of modules that start up

Once again.

DAHDI is a program. It starts up and runs before Asterisk starts.

FreePBX has a module that manages DAHDI configuration. They are (other than that) largely unrelated. You need to focus on getting DAHDI working before you can work with it in FreePBX. We’ve given you a lot of pointers and program references. We can’t learn it for you.

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