Digium D80 vs End Point Manager: State Of The Union

Here are my findings from a recent fact finding mission:

I could not make an existing installation switch from digium_phones to endpoint, so one weekend I tried a fresh vanilla install. Endpoint nicely recognized all types of Digium phones and through Network Scan offered to configure them with a digium_default template now also covering D80s. Great stuff!

When reconfiguring a D80 phone after that, for the first time I saw the extensions shown on it’s screen (tada!). With digium_config, the extension’s names are shown on the left while the numbers appear on the right. With endpoint, the device’s MAC address is left and, if configured for anything but an D80, also on the right. As this could not mar my excitement I touched the proper entry and - tadadada! - the phone is nicely provisioned!

While that is extremely nice, it appears that there isn’t a phonebook aka contact list widget for UCP yet as there is for all other Digium phones. In our case though, this is the whole point in switching to endpoint since we have D80s almost exclusively. Hence we will wait for that to be supported in wild anticipation.


P.S. Having said that, where do I best see a version history and changelog for a module such as endpoint?

What I know: Module Admin.

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