Digium D80 Phone issue with Endpoint Manager

Have the D80 phone and have followed the wiki, DPMA and everything else is installed, I can see the D80 in endpoint manager. The phone gets is config and inbound and outbound calls are working fine.

The problem I am having is with parking calls. The D80 appears to try and use call forwarding codes to park the calls. I cannot see any easy place to change that, All the other phones are the S505 and 705 which work fine. I really need to get the D80 to work well. I tried to go directyly to the phone via the IP however that is disabled. It seems like the parking feature codes are not working properly and acting like call forward commands.

I would also kike to get the phone applications to work as well.

If you cannot get it solved using the EPM, you might have to switch to the advanced DPMA configuration using xml files. I use several Digium D65 with xml-files and call parking works fine within freePBX.


It takes some time to configure the phones, but it works great and it does not rely on the bugy EPM.

While I appreciate that, I was told that if I followed all the instructions on the wiki and used Endpoint manager the D80 would just work. I really do not want to spend time learning these files and manually editing them. If that was going to be the case I would have never purchased the D80 phone. My customer liked the way it looked and really wanted it.

Like I said, I was able to get the phone registered and working. Really the big thing now it to be able to get the parking working so they can park and retrieve parked calls. Having the phone apps which I was also told worked would be great although that is not a show stopper.

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