Digium D70 unable to call special numbers


Strange thing happening with the Digium D70.

While with D40 and D50, 0800 numbers work without any issue, D70 can dial the number but no sound or ring out of the phone.

No differences in settings (user or phone).

Help !!

Make sure the D70 phone config base file has the right NAT settings. One-way audio is almost always a NAT problem, and if this is happening with just your D70s, it is probably something about NAT in the Basefile.

There aren’t any NAT-specific settings in the phone’s configuration files. The firmware codebase for the D40, D50 and D70 is the same. The silicon used on the phones is, at its core, the same. So if one works, given an identical phone configuration, they’ll all work. If they don’t all work, it’d be suspicious about the phone’s configuration, the path between the phone and the server, and/or the server’s configuration w.r.t. handling the calls or servicing of the PJSIP/SIP endpoint.

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@cynjut @malcolmd: Thanks guys for the fast answers.

Actually, I have to modify my comments. The phone numbers dialed work from other extensions but not from that one which is the actual entry point for the company. Whatever it is a D50, D40 or D70, the specific user cannot dial. I checked the configs through PBX and they are all the same.

So for the time being, I am still investigating. No differences in NAT settings either.

That sounds like an extension configuration problem. Check your NAT setting in the Extensions module and make sure it’s set correctly.

I checked but no diffferences in NAT settings. I am going to delete / create back the extension to see if it helps.

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I deleted and created back the 101 extension. Still the same issue. Is 101 a special number inside Asterisk with certain limitations ?

or a bug ? the settings are exactly the same with the notable exception that this is the extension where inbound calls land after the IVR is played.

Nope, Asterisk has no special, built-in treatment of any particular extension. It only does what its dialplan and or features configuration directs it to do.

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