Digium D70 phones not provisioning with EPM on Cyberlynk hosted FreePBX server

I am trying to provision Digium D70 phones through EPM, but its not working. I can manually configure the basic setting and make and receive calls, but attempts to connect to the provisioning server (Same IP as the voice server) can’t connect and times out. The FreePBX server is hosted on Cyberlynk. Any solutions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Any help?

Hi @chuckjuhl

  1. Make sure the HTTP & HTTPS Provisioning is enabled on the PBX firewall for provisioning.

2.If you enabled authentication for HTTP or HTTPS provisioning the make sure you are entering the credentials correctly.

This is not the firewall interface for FreePBX.14 or 15. In FreePBX HTTP provisioning is set in the System Admin Module, which it is. Thanks for the comment anyway.

I figured out what I was doing wrong - first needed to enable DPMA in the EPM, then because the server is not local, needed to manually set the configuration server to the cloud server IP when the phone is booting up.

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