Digium D70 Phone Apps Issue

I have provisioned many D40 phones with FreePBX, but this is the first time provisioning a D70 with a PBXAct system.
The first thing I noticed is that there is no “Digium Addons” available in the modules.
The D70 provisions OK, and can make calls, however the icon beside the extension on the line key shows a question mark, and I receive a “Phone Apps module not licensed” error.

The server is running PBXAct version Do I need to somehow find a way to install the Digium addons? This extension is using PJSIP. I did try re-creating it with CHANSIP, however the BLF keys would not work.

What version of Phone Apps? This should be resolved in v13.0.92.39, v14.0.10 and v15.0.18.5

Ah, that may be it. It’s version However I have all updates installed. So could this still be an edge update?

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On the latest version, Restapps takes the new user-agent from Digium phone with a new format.
So you may need to download the latest version.
Try on edge indeed.
However, I suppose if you can not install the latest version for Restapps, your license may have expired and you may not get a new version.

Just an idea like that.

Thank you for your reply. This is a brand new PBXAct appliance, so licensing isn’t an issue. From what I’ve learned from Sangoma support, the PBXAct systems do not use the edge repositories, so I will simply have to wait. At least this phone works fine for calls, and it’s the only Digium in the system. I can handle that.

Hi Bryce. Can you pm your ticket number to me pls.

Sorry, I don’t have a support ticket for this particular appliance. I was referring to other appliances that I have setup in the past. Support had to walk me through to temporarily enable the edge repository in order to update one particular module. Then it was set back to the stable release.

Wanted to provide an update on what I’ve learned about this. I just installed a D70 at a different location that is running FreePBX 14 with the full Endpoint Manager. This D70 exhibited the exact same behavior with the unlicensed phone apps error. Long story short, I had to downgrade the firmware to version in order to use the phone apps. This is concerning since the current firmware is version 2.8.6.

Any thoughts? Unfortunately the voicemail app still doesn’t work on the D70, but the other apps do. The voicemail app does work on the D40 phones as long as they stay on the firmware.

I went to hell and back a few months ago trying to get my digium d phones working with freepbx. In the end the digium phones module was the answer, not EPM. Hope this helps you and if I can be of assistance (having recently done this) please get in touch. There were other minor bugs I had to squash (such as the length of the database field for custom alerts) but that done, I’m now a happy bunny with a working setup.

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Useful to know if true - are you saying this fix isn’t needed anymore for a Digium D50 (for example)

For my FreePBX setup, I do have the Digium add-ons installed, and I did have the Digium Module. However, I had to disable that module since it conflicted with EPM. In my situation (due to a variety of phone brands), it was easier to standardize on EPM, especially since the full license was purchased. Also, EPM is easier to use, even for Digium phones.

For my PBXAct setup, there is no Digium add-ons available for install, so my only choice is EPM. I was hoping that EPM would work better since Sangoma’s acquisition of Digium.