Digium D70 and Rest Apps


FreePBX 13.0.54

Anyone else having trouble with REST apps?

Using EPM to config D70’s It seems that sometimes when the phone pull the config from the PBX the button placement is correct but when you press the EX DND button all i get is a blank screen on the phone.

Kinda flaky

anyone else have this problem or suggestions?


I posted a bug problem on this on Friday, Jan 29. They (FreePBX) fixed a problem with BLF for me, and that introduced a new bug.

My problems are programming the buttons to do things. Issue 11456 and as of Monday 1pm CST, the ticket has not been commented on by staff.

I did find out that by going backwards a few versions in EPM, to, I could program properly.


Thanks for the info. I rolled back to and the DND feature is now working. Looks like a bug in EPM

@cyberdocwi Looks like EPM has been updated have you tried it yet?

Yes, and I am able to program again, but my Call Flow field is not working properly.



@slim542 I opened another ticket, 11474, that my Call Flow was not working properly under the latest EPM operation. I have referenced this forum conversation onto that ticket. allowed me to use Call Flow on only ONE of my two test D70 phones. Same firmware, but different templates. I wonder if my BLF layouts, with some “spaces” is causing an issue. The D70 allows for several “pages” of the BLF buttons on the right side. I have 2 or 3 pages, some with blank buttons, for sorting and presentation reasons.

Let’s see what they come back with.