Digium D70 and D40 phones busy signal on queue calls, requiring reboot

Hi all,

Been restling with a problem since i did a full system update to the latest and greatest modules.

ASterisk version 16.15.1
FreePBX version
Endpoint Manager with DPMA version 3.6.2
Number of connected phones: 65
We use Asternic Flash Operating Panel 2 to view the queues and assign agents.

Little about my server:

All digium endpoints are set to PJSIP. Currently use models D40, D62, D70 phones. For each extension, i have 2 max contacts so they can use their phones in the office, and if they work from home, connect using Zoiper softphones.

We have 15 queues in our configuration and are set to up the number, We operate a medical call center and have queues for each customer contract. Roughly 3,200 calls come in to the system each day.

We have 6 Channel SIP trunks to our big customers, connecting to their phone system. They send calls to us through these trunks and are routed to appropriate queues.

Since the update, we are experiencing random occurrences on each phone where a call comes in, and the user picks up the call, however it is just a busy signal. SOmetimes the busy signal comes in through the phone’s speakerphone without anyone picking up the handset. Other times we get a message saying “the call is unavailable”.

From that point, we can’t answer calls on those phones coming in from any queue. However, we can directly call the phone from another using their extension and it works. But queue calls do not. It requires a reboot of the phone in order to work again. Then it works for another 20 minutes and then it happens again.

I do not know how to troubleshoot this issue. I have increased our UDP timeout at our firewall to 1200 seconds. I have changed the ring strategy of the queues from “RingAll” to “Random”. I have upgraded AND downgraded firmware on the endpoints to see if it is a firmware issue. I have SIP keep-alive on with each of the digum templates in Endpoint Manager. Not sure if i should turn it off.

The Zoiper softphones appear to work all the time which makes me believe it is an issue with how the deskphones are configured through Endpoint+DPMA. It is as if the phones lose registration somehow.

Can anyone help me get pointed to the right direction?

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