Digium D65 with Endpoint Manager. Very few features?

I am quite new to FreePBX. I bought Digium phones (D65 and A20) thinking I’d get all the features of Sangoma phones in Endpoint Manager since Digium is part of Sangoma, but I see very few options listed.

Did I mess up? Should have I bought Sangoma phones for ease of use? Is there a way to get access to more Digium features in Endpoint Manager?

What features do you need? I use the D65 phones with the Digium phones config module (freePBX). There is an easy mode option, if you want to use ALL features of the Digium D65 the advanced DPMA configuration is the best option


There’s like pretty much nothing in there… (see screenshot) how can I make the Endpoint Manager more useful for those phones? I’d rather not mess with XML configs…

That’s a section of the Digium phones config module.

If you use the Digium phones module, dont activate the “use DPMA” in the Endpointmanager global settings. This is Digium easy-mode, so you dont have to mess around with xml files. Yet, there are some problems with easy mode, the Digiums cannot connect to the freePBX contact manager. They use their own phonebook, which you can populate using the Digium phones config module Web-GUI.

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