Digium D65, endpoint manager, DPMA, cannot dial internal extensions

I’m attempting to configure a number of Digium phones(D40, D50, D70, D65) with FreePBX and the commercial Endpoint Manager. I’m using DPMA.

I had an early issue with all of my Digium phones not dialing out to either external or internal numbers. I was able to cure that on all phones but the D65 by adding a proxy address of the FreePBX server and updating the configurations.

The D65 can now receive calls and place external calls, but if I attempt to dial an internal four-digit extension the call immediately fails with a fast busy and ‘failed’ in the status. This is similar to what I saw on the other D series phones before the proxy change. It does not appear the dial patterns field has any impact on this issue, but I have tried a number of patterns there with no luck.

Yealink phones all seem to work immediately with Endpoint Manager, and along with the success of the other D phones, I don’t think anything is out of joint with my internal routing. Is there an obvious configuration point that I could have overlooked?


The Digium/Sangoma D65 phones work best, when you use the Digium phones config module, either in easy-mode or advanced DPMA mode (xml-config files).

I use the Digium phones config module on other systems, but when trying to use it on a modern FreePBX system, even without the commercial Endpoint Manager, I got a lot of conflicts between the two modules, at one point rendering me unable to apply a config. I stopped fiddling with it the rebuild after that and focused on EPM.

I’m just confused as to why the other D’s are working with the same configuration. I also don’t see anything in the Asterisk log when attempting these calls to internal extensions, which suggests to me that the phone isn’t recognizing the pattern as valid, but I don’t know where I would go to check that particular setting. As I mentioned, the other D’s seeing this problem were cured with the addition of an outbound proxy, but even on those I did have to do a redial to cure an initial fail for any call attempt, but that cure isn’t sticking to the D65 for some reason.

When you use the Digium phones config module, you have to switch off “use DPMA” in the EPM.

If I outfit the D65 with a D70 profile, everything seems to work fine. I’m guessing I’m going to be missing out on a few things down the road, however.

I noticed that unlike the other D model profiles there is no Line option available for the D65 for Line Key 1 in DPMA, just BLF, Speed Dial and XML-API. Is that by design?

I use many D65s with freePBX (more than a dozen), but I cannot recommend the Endpoint Manager. I deactivated the EPM (despite having paid for it) and configured the phones using the Digium-phones-config-module instead. In combination with the advanced DPMA configuration and xml-config files the possibilities are endless…

Thanks much for the feedback on EPM and Digium phones. I’ll check into getting another license for the Digium phone module and try it alongside EPM sans DPMA sometime down the road.

There is an update coming soon for the EPM-module, which is supposed to improve the Sangoma D-series phone support (with the exception of the D80). Maybe you just wait…

I took the D65 home intending to connect it to another freepbx system w/some other functioning D-series, also connected via site-to-site VPN, but before doing so I set it up externally through the firewall to the original, problematic system. The unit auto-provisioned correctly immediately via a template that used an external profile, and both internal and external numbers routed correctly right off the bat.

I’m filing this one under ‘gremlin’.

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