Digium D60 phones cannot remotely register

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I’m attempting to remotely configure and register some Digium D60 phones. Using EPM and the new DPMA, I am able to enter the configuration server info and have the phones configure and update firmware if needed. After they reboot, they come up with the configuration I want, but they are not registering on the PBX. I don’t see any SIP traffic on my logs.

They are set to use PJSIP with TLS on port 5061. Looking at an extension, I see:

This device uses PJSIP technology listening on Port 5061 (TLS)

With a tcpdump running, I see a bunch of SIP registration attempts to connect to the correct server, but with UDP and port 5060. I’m confused as it should be TLS and port 5061. I don’t see a way to set a different IP, protocol and port in DPMA or EPM, so where are they getting this idea? Is this a setting that is defaulted in the firmware? Is it possible to fix this?

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Here is what I see from the tcpdump:

19:28:45.417610 68:d7:9a:6e:28:13 > 84:78:ac:02:ae:bb, ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 630: (tos 0x60, ttl 63, id 27822, offset 0, flags [DF], proto UDP (17), length 616)
    50.xxx.yyy.zzz.1044 > 38.xxx.yyy.zzz.5060: [udp sum ok] SIP, length: 588
	REGISTER sip:pbx.example.com SIP/2.0
	Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 50.xxx.yyy.zzz:1044;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjy1prAAP.aR3YgwrKITR04dwz0QLtkyBP
	Max-Forwards: 70
	From: "7005" <sip:[email protected]>;tag=u.afbrBzRmTnD5gE8MoMRr43PFT03hgh
	To: "7005" <sip:[email protected]>
	Call-ID: LKgvIGoY1b8e2mluziRss1qtAuDynvij
	CSeq: 23972 REGISTER
	User-Agent: Digium D60 2_9_19 000FD30D2214
	Contact: "7005" <sip:[email protected]:1044;ob>
	Expires: 300
	Content-Length:  0

I’ve added a Sangoma S505 and it configures with the no touch deployment as it should and then I get the same behavior - asking for SIP registrations on UDP/5060, so it doesn’t appear to be the phone (though I understand they share software). I am connecting using a Ubiquiti Edgerouter 12 and I have set the SIP ALG to disabled.

Am I the only one that has this problem? Does anyone have a hint on where I should be looking for the error? I don’t see SIP traffic on the firewall, but if the phone is sending UDP/5060 it wouldn’t show up as it would be blocked.

This appears to be a non-interesting topic, but I will post my solution should anyone run into this issue in the future.

The problem was that the phone was set up as a no-touch provisioned phone via portal.sangoma.com. The provisioning was correct - it would get a configuration and, if needed, a firmware update. When the new phone came to life with the config from the PBX, it wouldn’t register.

Looking at tcpdump output, the phone was attempting to connect with UDP/5060 instead of the desired TLS/5061 (required because of PCI regulations). Since it was able to connect to get firmware/configs, it wasn’t a network issue with the phones or an ALG on the firewall, so it had to be the config. This lead me to look into modifying the EPM Basefile for the devices.

Sure enough, after I corrected the basefile to include the server, port and protocol, I was able to finally get the phones to register with the PBX.

Digium D60 changes:


[... lines skipped for clarity ...]


Sangoma S505 changes:

<P47>pbx.example.com:5061</P47> # Primary SIP Server(eg:sip.mycompany.com or IP address)
<P130>2</P130> # SIP Transport 0 - UDP, 1 - TCP, 2 - TLS

You’re doing something wrong, not sure what. EPM supports provisioning of all Sangoma phones for TLS signaling. No basefile edits required.

That was not my experience. As I’ve never worked with FreePBX before and I am totally new to this, I would happily go through my configuration if you had a direction for me to look. The S505 was directly out of the box and I configured EPM as directed by the wiki.

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