Digium D60 - Line 2 Button Shows Another Extension Presence?

I’m using the D60 phones for the first time. I’m using current patched Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 13.

When I provisioned these phones using DPMA 3.0.1, an oddity:

On ALL phones except the lowest-numbered extension, the Lowest numbered extension (in this case x21) shows Presence on the Line 2 button, and works as a speed dial to that x21.

On the x21 phone, its Line Button shows Presence for the next extension up, x22.

What’s going on here? How do I get the Line 2 button to be Unassigned as expected on a new deployment?

The digium_phone module builds the list of presence/blf contacts from the list of phones configured, but skips the extension itself. Thus on all but the first phone, the one available button will show the first extension - and on that extension it will show the first extension that isn’t itself, thus 22 as you’re experiencing.

I’m not sure I understand why your expectation would be that the x21 phone would not be assigned?

You can override this default behavior by creating your own contact list, and then associating it with the phones instead of the “internal” contacts list.

I’ve not experienced this in any of the prior FreePBX / Digium D40 / DPMA deployments, so I had no expectation of this happening. In all prior deployments, the Line 2 button was simply blank.

Users find this Contact presence confusing, is there a simple way to make the Line 2 button unassigned (blank)?

I understand the source of the confusion now. Thanks.

If you look at it from the way a D70 operates, which has the “built-in sidecar”, DPMA populates the list of presence/blf buttons on the sidecar automatically. There is an option to ask the phone to merge the presence onto the unused “line” buttons on the main screen, which also works on the D40, but isn’t set by default.

On the D60 series this action is being taken by default. The presence/blf buttons are being merged onto the otherwise unused buttons.

Thanks for the response, and the clarification. For these particular users, I simply Disabled the Line 2 key in the Digium Phone options.