Digium D60 Disable Visual Voicemail and Reprogram Message Button


I have a new FreePBX installation with some Digium D60 phones. They are activated and working correctly with DPMA. My setup is that none of the extensions have individual mailboxes and there is one Virtual Extension with voicemail enabled.

My question is if Visual Voicemail can be disabled and if the Voicemail button can be programmed to dial *98xxxx to access the virtual extension voicemail. I have searched high and low and cannot find a way to do this.

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The visual app there is controlled in the phone’s account definition by the visual_voicemail option. Where the visual_voicemail option is disabled, one should instead populate the voicemail option with the extension or URI to be dialed when pressing the button.

You can see this here:

as well as in more detail here:


Try just setting Mailbox for the extension to 1234@device, (replace 1234 with the virtual extension number). Then the message light and key should work normally, as should *97.

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