Digium D40 Voicemail

I recently purchased a Digium D40 to be used with FreePBX. The messsages/voicemail button on the phone does not work because I am not sure what needs to go in the “Voicemail Extension or SIP URI” field. As most know, to get to a specific extension’s voicemail you dial *97 from that extension. This field will not accept a * and only numbers/letters.

What do I need in this line for each phone to make it work?


If you install DPMA and configure it you can use visual voicemail. It is a nice feature.

Ok, I installed DPMA and have that all setup in FreePBX. When I click “Digium Phones” under Connectivity I get a list of all the phones. If I click reconfigure next to the Digium D40 I get an error: Phone ‘Jody’ has not contacted the server. The server is unaware of the location of this device and can not reconfigure it at this time. The phone works fine and has been rebooted numerous times. What am I doing wrong here?

I have tested this on Digium phones and it works great. *97 calls Asterisk voice mail for the traditional method of accessing voice mail. Selecting the MSG button or selecting the voice mail application from any menu brings up visual voice mail where you can browser your voice mail and play it.

We need to know more about your system.

FreePBX version
Distro or installed by hand
Digium firmware version

There are several components that need to be installed for the Digium phones to work great with FreePBX. If you don’t have these components installed the phones will not work to their fullest potential.

Some of the things that need to be setup are

  1. Must have res_digium_phone.so installed.
  2. Must have a free license from Digium for DMPA installed.
  3. Digium configuration module installed in FreePBX
  4. Phones need to find the DPMA server. This can be done using DHCP or mDNS

Once you have this all setup the Digium phones work really nice.

There are several posts about setting this up as well as links to the wiki at Digium explaining how to configure the phones.

FreePBX 2.210.62-5
Digium Firmware: 1_1_1_0_49993

1.Installed res_digium_phone.so
2. Installed free license from Digium for DPMA.
3. Installed the Digirum configuration module in FreePBX
4. I do not have this setup. After reading here: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/Provisioning I am still a bit confused because I’m not sure what to put after the IP of my PBX. when use DHCP and option 66. /phoneprov doesn’t work.

Additionally I saw a screenshot here: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/Digium+Phones+and+FreePBX#DigiumPhonesandFreePBX-Phones and I noticed that there are many more tabs to click on than what I have in FreePBX. All I have aer Phones, Networks, External Lines, General Settings, and Firmware. Is my version of FreePBX just too old to have all these other features?

Thanks for your help!

Nevermind, I found where to shut off easy mode which then shows the rest of the tabs. My bad.