Digium D40,D60,D70 phones lock up


we are running freepbx 10.13.66-22

somne digium phones (D-40, D60, D70) have started to lockup, if they are left to sit the will eventually display

“system error restarting phone please be patient”

this does not happen on all phones just a few.

the firmware has been updated and did not help

the phones are being programmed with the digium module in freepbx

any help appreciated

Danger, Will Robinson…

That’s a really old version of FreePBX - you might want to schedule an update for your system to get you onto a more recent version (We are on version 15 now with 16 looming large on the horizon).

Since this isn’t actually a Digium forum (and this looks like a Digium problem), you might want to submit a ticket on this.

Finally, on the chance that this IS a FreePBX problem - we’re going to need to see some kind of logs on what’s happening when these phones fail. I’d guess (which is what I do) that you’re NAT associations are failing, but I just hang out here, so I could be completely wrong.

Digium is part of Sangoma now…and that’s a good thing. freePBX is part of Sangoma too. So this forum should cover it :wink:

Did you try to move an affected phone from one poe switch to another? Just to be sure that it is not related to poe…

If the problem stays with the phone…did you reset it?


thanks for responding

agreed we need to schedule a upgrade soon, it is difficult to get the downtime and it works so well.

also agreed this is most likely not a Freepbx issue. we have 300 plus phones and it is only happening on a few.

It wasmy hope that someone has experienced this before and could provide insight on what to look for.

i will try moving one to a different switch, of the phones i have this issue on (that i am aware of) there are 2 that only have one phone on each of the switches.

the other location only has one switch (connected by a 1000 mbs layer 2 circuit)

the switched are one HP 2910, and 2 hp 2930. the 2910 has about 15 phones connected to it.

this is very odd as i have a number of locations across the country with the same setup and this is not an issue.

This issue is very random and go for days without happening.

thank you for your input

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