Digium addons - Invalid license


I am having issues getting the Digium addon to accept my license. At Connectivity Digium phones I get the error “A valid license for res_digium_phones.so was not found” I have entered a license in the Digium addon screen and it goes to the license agreement and I ACCEPT the agreement then Apply Config. Yet when I go back to the Connectivity it still gives me the error?
I am using the latest updates.
FreePBX 13.0.44
Asterisk 13.0.3
Digium Addons:



I do not find this to be the case.

I have:
FreePBX Framework 13.0.44
Asterisk 13.0.5
Digium Addons
Digium Phones Config

I installed a fresh copy of FreePBX ISO into a VM. I aborted setting up the firewall. I went to the Digium Phones add-on under Connectivity, I pressed the red button, I clicked the obtain/register license link, I plugged in the details and registered it (along w/ accepting the EULA), I was returned to the Digium Addons page, I clicked back to Digium Phones under Connectivity, and all was well.

rpm-qa | grep digium

Shows asterisk13-res_digium_phone and php-digium_register RPMs installed on the system.

If you’re having trouble with the GUI-based Digium Addons installer, you can perform a manual registration. For that, download the appropriate register utility from:

Then make it executable:

chmod a+x register

Then run it as root


Then follow the instructions and input your key when prompted.

I on the other hand still find this to be the case regardless of what I do! I followed your instructions and manually registered the module and still no luck.
I also uninstalled both of those modules from the modules admin page and re-installed them.
Any other ideas?


So what do you get from the Asterisk CLI if you type:

digium_phones license status 


It states: “No such command”

XXXXXXX*CLI> digium_phones license status
No such command ‘digium_phones license status’ (type ‘core show help digium_phones license’ for other possible commands)

That means the res_digium_phone.so module isn’t loaded. Do you have an asterisk13-res_digium_phone RPM installed on your system?

Not sure how to check that but when looking in the Module Admin it states both the Digium_addons is enabled
Digium Phones Config enabled

The thing that Digium Phones Config is configuring is res_digium_phone.so’s res_digium_phone.conf configuration file(s). Your installation, for whatever reason, doesn’t have res_digium_phone.so loaded into Asterisk - I don’t know why, my installation did. There’s an RPM available in the repo (asterisk13-res_digium_phone) that’ll install it.

Anyone else who can comment, is it copacetic these days to break down to the Linux CLI under FreePBX and install RPMs?

Ok, I got the module installed and it states I have a valid license now, thanks for leading me in the right direction! I realy appreciate your time.

Curious question: Is Digium phone module and EndPoint Manager one and the same? They seem to be doing the same task?

Yay :smile:

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Similar tasks - provisioning phones. One uses DPMA, one doesn’t.

Ok, so this may be the issue, I read in the Wiki, that FreePBX was not supporting DPMA because of End Point Manager, maybe that was the issue, although it doesn’t stand to reason since your install had DPMA. Not sure if the wiki is up to date either.

DPMA is meant for tight integration of Digium phones in to Asterisk. End Point is meant to configure/provision many different phones. Though there is some crossover functionality the two ultimately serve different purposes.