Digium A20 Provisioning

With the release of the Digium A series phones would any body happen to know if there’s plans to include support for these phones in the Commercial Endpoint Module or DPMA for FreePBX?

Or is there some other way to provision these in mass using freepbx?

I would like to know about this as well. I just purchased a few of these phones to test them and have manually configured them in our environment. Have a few other businesses that I would like to use these phones for as long as EPM Commerical or Digium Phones can provision them.

A contact at Digium says it’s in the works but no ETA. We’re looking to purchase at least 100 of these phones but Yealink is in the win right now due to EPM support.

Has anyone heard any more about this? We’re also looking to deploy A-series phones, and it would be much easier to do so using EPM than managing provisioning manually.

I was told it’s in the works but there’s no release date or even a release quarter….we couldn’t wait any longer and wound up purchasing all Yealink phones to use with EPM.

@mbrady I have an unrelated question about the Digium A series if you had them in your hands:

The little tab that goes into the upper part of the handset (on most phones it is removable and it has 2 positions, one for desk operation and one for wall mount), is it removable ?

These phones are Fanvil; the A20 is an X3 and the A25 is an X4.

Thanks !

I believe that headset tab is removable…I was able to get a demo phone from Digium but I honestly didn’t play with it too much once we saw there was no easy way to provision in mass. I’d check for you but they took the demo unit back.

Nice call on the make…I wish I knew that a couple months ago…I would have reached out to Fanvil for potential EPM support.

Sorry that’s not too helpful.

That bell has already been rung a couple of times. I doubt you’re going to convince them, but I suppose it is worth another try.

@mbrady I concur with Dave, you probably would not have got EPM support done in your time frame, so no regrets. Just curious, what model did you end up getting ?

The Fanvil X5 was my second choice, we ended up buying GXP2130 as our standard office phone.
At the time there was 2 issues with Fanvil : the desk/wallmount tab and the screen glare.

None of the phone manufacturers listen to customer feedback about usability, so I picked the cheapest one.
All the new models have this shiny plastic over the screen that makes the phone completely unusable if set in the wrong spot.

The problem is particularly acute with the A25 / X5, as the 2nd screen is readable but the main one unreadable because of the glare. Phones designed by the marketing department :frowning:

We wound up going with Yealink T46s (for office staff or high usage areas and Yealink T21PE2 for the classrooms (the basically have no real daily usage just in case of an emergency or form of secure communication). We’re not a fan of the looks of the T21 model but chose it over the T19EP2 model due to its ease of mounting.

We have some Digium D65’s in place, which is why we were interested in the A series (keep things looking uniform) but they didn’t handle directed call pickups and coverage buttons well with FreePBX…I think that only works well with a Switchvox.

Either way, Yealink proved to provide the most similar experience and functionality as the legacy system, a Merlin Magix/Legend MLX phones. This way there is no steep learning curve for out users.

Totally agree on the marketing department design…I feel like Digium as a whole, has the same or aims to have that same feel, which is nice when you’re trying to not have a very corporate looking environment.

Now that Digium is a Sangoma Company what is the movement on this? I have 40+ A25’s that would like to use in my deployment.

Does OSS endpoint manager support the Digium A’s?