Digium 1A8B01F - DAHDI Module wcaxx not found


I have installed a Digium 1A8B01F 8 port FXS card that uses the wcaxx driver/module.

My system isn’t detecting the card, and if I run /etc/init.d/dahdi restart I see this:

Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
wct4xxp: [ OK ]
opvxd115: [ OK ]
wcte12xp: [ OK ]
wcte13xp: [ OK ]
wct1xxp: [ OK ]
wcte11xp: [ OK ]
tor3e: [ OK ]
r1t1: [ OK ]
rxt1: [ OK ]
wctdm24xxp: [ OK ]
wcfxo: [ OK ]
wctdm: [ OK ]
opvxa24xx: [ OK ]
opvxa1200: [ OK ]
rcbfx: [ OK ]
zaphfc: [ OK ]
wcb4xxp: [ OK ]
wctc4xxp: [ OK ]
xpp_usb: [ OK ]
wcte43x: FATAL: Module wcte43x not found.
wcaxx: FATAL: Module wcaxx not found.

Running dahdi_cfg: [ OK ]

It appears the driver I need, wcaxx, is missing but I’m not sure how to load it properly. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am on PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-8
PBX Service Pack:


You need to update the distro to get DAHDi 2.9+

Thank you. It looks like the latest update is FreePBX-Distro-5.211.65, but it describes DAHDI 2.8.

Am I on the correct path?

Thanks again.

No the latest 5.211.65-6 has dahdi 2.9

Thanks. I purchased the Sys Admin module and the update went well.

What version of the Distro do you have? What version of dahdi do you have?

Always remember the sysadmin module is updating the system such as DAHDI drivers and the OS.

Module admin in FreePBX only updates FreePBX modules. The FreePBX DAHDI module controls the system DAHDI driver.

While the sysadmin pro makes updating the system very simple you can also download the updates and apply them manually.

This is covered in the wiki: