Digital receptionist

Hi i’m a new Asterisk user and i got some problem configuring the digital receptionist.
I’m using latest release (2.8) of [email protected] so it includes freepbx 2.0.1
I could make it work perfectly (extensions, conference, voicemail, cisco and softphones and so on) and i could also make the trunk with another Asterisk server but only digital receptionist is not working.
I maked some recordings using the cisco phone and then i created the menu of the ivr through the digital recptionist menu, but i can’t make it work. I mean i didn’t understand how to associate it to an extension, so that calling that estension Ivr starts.
I tried to set it through inbound routes menu or time condition menu but unsuccessfully.
Anybody knows how to do that?

Thanks a lot

Time conditions are a destination, they do not work by themselves. What you need to do is setup your Inbound Route to match all CID and all DID (ie. Leave both of these fields blank) and under “Set Destination” select your digital receptionist under the “IVR” dropdown.


Alex I tried to do what you said (inbond route matching all cid and all Did) even before than trying other ways but it’s not working at all.
It seems like if Asterisk beaviour never change even after setting inbound routes for example to redirect to a conference or another extension.

I really don’t know what else to try…

Are you sure mysql is running??

Yes i cheched now, mysql and all other components are working fine. Infact i can use all others functions like normal call, voicemail, conferences and so on.
Only digital receptionist i’m not able to associate to an extension.
Maybe there is something to set under extension options, but i don’t know what :frowning:

You don’t associated a Digital Receptionist with an extension, you use it as a destination.

So, on an Inbound Route, you set the Digital Receptionist (listed under IVR) as the target for that route. Then, when someone calls in via that inbound route, they’ll go directly to the digital receptionist.