Digital Ocean VS Vultr

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Funny interjection: States that are adjacent to oceans are “coastal”. States next to those without access to the ocean are “landlocked”. If you border onto one of those and do not have access to the ocean, you are considered “doubly landlocked”. Then there’s here in Nebraska.

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Yeah, who’s he kidding? I would totally fly over Nebraska but would take New Mexico as a vacation destination. Or live there! Albuquerque is beautiful!

Sorry @cynjut … but you may have some of the best steaks in the country I guess.

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I drove through it once. I decided it would be so exciting, that I scheduled it to be at night. Figured I would miss nothing. Screwed up the return trip timing and it was daylight. Can confirm, I missed nothing.

and now back to our regularly scheduled program :wink:

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Everybody hating on the 'Huskers! :wink: It’s beautiful up there, and MUCH cooler than here - we hit 105F yesterday - a little much even for me!

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Thank you to everyone that weighed in - I have gone with Vultr - so far it is working fantastic!

I will update if anything changes.


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I agree. Did a Vultr install Friday. setup, options, speed, pricing have been excellent. I have full test install up and running on the $10/month plan working great! Awesome thread!

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I use Vultr myself for my tiny consulting firm. I have had barely an issue. Once in a blue moon you have a noise neighbor, but it’s very rare. I agree about the previous post about the LA datacenter… they had some major issues in early 2019 as I recall. I ended up moving my FreePBX instance to Seattle and haven’t had any issues since (I’m in Los Angeles). Frankly I figure if an earthquake wipes out Los Angeles, at least the phones should still work!

And DigitalOcean does have a west coast datacenter in SFO, I knew they used to be east coast only but they have west now. Edit: There are no small instances available in SFO currently


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What I love about Vultr

Custom ISOs. That may not sound like a big deal but 4 years ago amazon still couldn’t do it. Can they now? IDK way harder to use and setup.

Cloning Servers. Want a spare? Clone the server to another data center…do a warm spare failover setup on freepbx backups and start using srv records for instant failoverover and redundancy. We won’t get into the complications with BLF keys voice-mail and queues doing that though but for an outbound proxy or Inbound Calls working…it works.
Now if we could just get sangoma to implement srvrecord endpoints on voip innovations like Thinq does.

As far as Jitter Goes. CyberLynk aka FreePBX hosting is where I keep my more important Servers and I haven’t had a quality issue with them in years. Vultr has some noisey neighbors sometimes because it’s not voip specific. Support has been more helpful though lately.

Even though CyberLynk has better quality and people you can actually call in an emergency to go power cycle your server. Etc. They don’t have iso’'s image backups, virtual firewalls, you can’t clone Servers. I cloned a server from Chicago to Atlanta last night. 20 minutes. 60GB.

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