Digital Ocean Reserved IP

I’m planning to host our frepbx instance at DO with a reserved IP. Our trunk providers authorise via our external IP and it will cost us around £700 a time to get this changed (as well as a 14 day lead time). As you can imagine this isn’t great if we have an issue with the instance that a restore won’t solve.

My idea was to use a reserved ip pointing to the freepbx instance, this IP would never change and i could just spin up a new freepbx instance and point the IP to this.

When i install freepbx it has the droplet IP, not the reserved one. If i update this i lose access to the droplet.

Any advice on this?

You assign the floating IP to a droplet as an additional IP, the droplet keeps its original IP, Use the DO nameservice and DOCTL for more flexible script control.