Digit timeout for zap channels

i was wondering if anyone could help me set digit timeout on zaptel channels. we have a phone system installed at a nursing home and the residents arent too fast in dialing so we need to try and help them out. any help is appreciated.

in our office the dialing timeout is controlled by our phone setup. For Aastra phones there is a config value that can be set from 0 (none) to 255 seconds. so it depends on the phones you are using. Also it might depend on the dialing plan in the phone and what it can do for you in acceptable pattern matching.

in his case he is using a channel bank I believe with standard phones. I think I saw someone in the IRC channel mention that this is hard coded in the zaptel drivers and would require a change and recompilation of the appropriate drivers.

thanks phillip that was me in the irc channel as well and you are correct.

Each channel type determines its own timeout period. The Zap channel has a fixed timeout period of 3 seconds, and this can not be changed without modifying the source code and recompiling the Zap module (look for the variable ‘matchdigittimeout’ in asterisk/channels/chan_zap.c).

this was also very helpful