Difficulty registering deployment

Is anyone else experiencing an inability to register a deployment?

I have a 11.2.1 install running on an Intel 2700MUD board. The server is behind a pfSense firewall/web proxy. It doesn’t appear to be blocked at the firewall, and I’ve tried turning off the cache as well as shutting down Snort. There are no rejects showing up in the log files either.

The register screen appears to be working, but it never actually becomes registered. I’ve tried it creating a deployment on the Schmooze website, and also allowing FreePBX to create it’s own deployment. It autogenerated a deployment on Schmoozecom, but still didn’t register the deployment.

I haven’t found anything via searches on this forum or via Google, etc…

Any ideas?

OK, just out of stubbornness, I tried it again, and it finally worked. Nothing was changed, it just worked after multiple other attempts failed. Odd…

I’m having the same problem today on a new install.

Ver2.11 64bit

tried 3 times

This is what I get

ERROR 687: An error has occurred creating your portal account, please contact customer care at +1 (920) 886-8130 for further assistance

Your posting on an old thread, and using a different version of the module and Distro, Did you contact customer care, or submit a ticket for help yet? http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/GHWF/How+To+Open+A+Support+Ticket