Different ringtone for ring groups, direct calls and queues with Grandstream 2170 phones

Hello all I found some posts about custom ring tones for groups and direct extension for other phones but I am wondering if I can have a specific ring tone for a user group (say reception) and then the phone would ring different if someone tried to direct dial or called their extension and not the ring group.

I changed the alert_info to another ring tone in the ring group but that is not helping.

Anyone have something that I am missing?

I am not a phone guy, I am just our companies “tech” person.

Did you also change the alert info on the physical phone?

I went through and looked and I don’t see alert info on the phone, I can change the main ringer, but can’t assign a ringer to a call group from there, that I know of.

Custom ring on Grandstreams is not very obvious to implement - Here:



How do I use Distinctive Ringtone by ALERT INFO method?

The GXP series phone supports the Alert-Info mapping to the 3 custom ring tone files. For example, if you configure the Matching Incoming Caller ID to “priority”, the ring tone will be used if we receive INVITE with Alert-Info header in the following format: Alert-Info:;info=priority

Play with it - it’s fiddly.

On the phone, it’s Account → Call Settings:

Here is the Manual for the Phone:

And here is the Specific Section:

That looks to be the gui for the web app no? I do not have anything on the phone that looks remotely like that.

when I went through the menus I have

Call History - Status - Contacts - Messages
Preferences - Phone - System - Reboot

I went through those menus and didn’t see anything.

Straight off of the Phone GUI - Are you using the Admin login to the phone - not the user?

I am not using the admin interesting, I will see if I can dig that up, thank you.

okay I found that, but something I am not understanding.

I have a call group - Reception

What do I need to put in the alert info box on the pbxact ring groups alert info box

if I select [custom] then put Reception there would my pattern match on the phone gui be

I think just Reception - play with it.

So I tried
I have the CID Name Prefix set to “Reception:” I figured I would try that and nope

I am out of patterns to try ha

P.S. thank you already for your help - I was able to configure the phones for different wrongs for our CEO and from internal customers already and look like a hero!

Yeah, I just played with it on my phone - Give me a few minutes - I will do a capture and see what I am sending!

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Did you get a chance to test anything out?

I remember doing it at a client once, I’ll try to take a look later and see what we are sending.


has the answer I couldn’t paste the hyperlink because I am a new user. Assuming you have this sorted already, but in case anyone else winds up here looking.

On the phone istelf just put the word after the = you end up using.