Different Ring Tones for Internal Calls - Sangoma Phones

Something I have been asked a lot and always just say no to…

Is there a way to have Internal calls ring differently using Sangoma Phones than external calls coming through the trunk/inbound route. Something not too complex.

Look for “Internal Alert Info” in Advanced Settings

Well then. Thank You Andrew.

Does this apply to ONLY Sangoma phones. I also see the Force All Internal Auto Answer option as well which i get asked for from time to time.

No it merely sends out an Alert Info. The issue youll run into is that different phones want the alert-info to look different. Having all of the same phones on your network will help

We only use Yealink and Sangoma (Now only sangoma for our clients but we do have about 150 or so Yealink T46G phones out there)

Woo. First time i see this.

We’ve accomplished this the other way around.
Let’s say the default ringtone = Tone-1, Client wanted all internal calls = Tone-2.
We added alert info to all inbound rounds and set in basefile alert into = Tone-1, and the default = Tone-2.

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