Different ring tone based on outbound DID?

Two things seem wrong.

First, since the call didn’t match the ‘new’ Inbound Route, it should have matched the ‘old’ route with DID Number 4105555555 and CallerID Number left blank. Did you accidentally delete or change that?

Next, I suspect that the caller ID was sent in a different format from what you entered. The trunking provider may have sent 14105555545 or +14105555545. After you fix the first problem, see what is shown for caller ID in the CDRs, then edit the new route to use that exact format.

If that’s not your issue, turn on pjsip logging and paste a new log.

Adding a 1 fixes it and make it work for a specific caller ID, however, we have a group of internal phones that need this to work but only a specific group. Same phone system, so I cannot make all the extensions ring tone change. So for example, If I call extension 1001 from 1000 it will ring ringtone 4, but if I call for 1009, it will ring ringtone 3. Is that possible? Inbound route based on internal extension?

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