Different ring tone based on outbound DID?

We have a location that needs to have a different ring tone but only when we call from this location to our main location, then other wise use the default settings. This way when we hear the ring, we know it’s this paticular location.

You can set this in the inbound route of your main location…depends on your phones.

Some phones need to have a special alert info set. But that’s all about the configuration of the phone itself.

sangoma phones. I don’t want the ring tone changed on all calls. Just from one paticular DID

Change the Alert-Info in the Inbound route in the needed DID and you may also applying it to some particular Caller ID number, so only when you receive a call from this particular Caller ID it will do the distinctive ringtone and not to the rest of the calls.

If you haven’t done it yet.
Create a separate inbound route (main location) just for this DID and use the ringer alert setting.

You refer to outbound DIDs, but the I in DID refers to In(bound). Do you mean the caller ID, or do you mean the DID through which the original call arrived.

@david55 is right, actually you have to create an inbound route based on the CID!

When I add teh CallerID number, I get “This number cannot be completed as dialed”

Where did you add the CID?

If I add the number I want to the “CallerID Number”, I get the number is not in service to this inbound route DID. If I remove it, it works fine.

You have to create a new inbound route and enter the CID in the CID field.

This is a new Inbound route. Or do I need two for the same DID?

The DID is the number someone dialed, the CID is his number.
You have to decide what you want. At the main location create a new inbound route just with the CID.

got ya. So you can’t have both?

You can have both, if the CID calls separately the DID’s , she would be so routed.

See picture. When I added a number to “callerID” number I get “This number cannot be completed as dialed”

Why not pastebin a log, to save guessing ?

It says unknown call.

Connected to Asterisk 16.26.1 currently running on ColdrenPBX (pid = 2512)
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] Set("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "__FROM_DID=4105555555") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:2] NoOp("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "Received an unknown call with DID set to 4105555555") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:3] Goto("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "s,a2") in new stack
    -- Goto (from-pstn,s,2)
    -- Executing [[email protected]:2] Answer("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "") in new stack
       > 0x7fb0841bbfa0 -- Strict RTP learning after remote address set to:
       > 0x7fb0841bbfa0 -- Strict RTP switching to RTP target address as source
[2022-08-15 12:46:31] WARNING[5047][C-000011ef]: chan_sip.c:23281 func_header_read: This function can only be used on SIP channels.
    -- Executing [[email protected]:3] Log("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "WARNING,Friendly Scanner from ") in new stack
[2022-08-15 12:46:31] WARNING[5047][C-000011ef]: Ext. s:3 @ from-pstn: Friendly Scanner from 
    -- Executing [[email protected]:4] Wait("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "2") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:5] Playback("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "ss-noservice") in new stack
    -- <PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495> Playing 'ss-noservice.ulaw' (language 'en')
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] Macro("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "hangupcall,") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:1] GotoIf("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "1?theend") in new stack
    -- Goto (macro-hangupcall,s,3)
    -- Executing [[email protected]:3] ExecIf("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "0?Set(CDR(recordingfile)=)") in new stack
    -- Executing [[email protected]:4] Hangup("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "") in new stack
  == Spawn extension (macro-hangupcall, s, 4) exited non-zero on 'PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495' in macro 'hangupcall'
  == Spawn extension (from-pstn, h, 1) exited non-zero on 'PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495'
-- Executing [[email protected]:2] NoOp("PJSIP/voipInn-6-rkTJOGGD_wJC3_cc-QTo-Inbound-0000a495", "Received an unknown call with DID set to 4105555555") in new stack

Note the "unknown call " Does you trunking support CallerID and is it correctly set.