Different outbound route for extensions

Hi All,

I have multiple voip providers

I want that extensions 1XX use provider A & B
and extensions 2XX use provider C & D
and extensions 3XX use provider A & C
and extensions 4XX not allow to make outside calls

I’m sure this is posible, but cant find it ((


Regards Daniel

You need to create four routes and put those extensions ranges in the CID field of the outbound route.

You could also use the extensions routing module.

Like this?

http:// goo.gl/xHeQN1

I tried and it didn’t work (

No. You are looking for the section labeled “Dial Patterns that will use this route”. Each dial pattern has 4 fields, the far right one is used to enter CallerID patterns. Check the dial pattern help, lots of info there.

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Thanks, it’s worked well

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