Different lengths of numbers

I’m currently using this dial pattern which should cover all numbers where I live:


Max 10 digits, always starting with a 0, only landlines no cell phones and no paid numbers. Today however I had to call the following number which I was unable to since it has 11 digits: 0800XXXXXXX

It is possible to provide for this case and maybe other cases in the future?

I have 3 Patterson, 1 that allows me the call locally within my hometown without having to enter the area code, 1 the same as the first only for the city close to my hometown and 1 which is the one I’m hoping to change so it will be future proof.

Oh: I’m using a similar pattern on another outbound route so that I’m able to place calls with different number using a prefix (no prefix for my private number, a 0 for my business number).

I just use a . In the outbound routes which allows anytime to be dialed

wont match 0800XXXXXXX, either use 0[1234578]XXXXXXXX. (notice the added . ) and wait 5 seconds for a timeout or just add an explicit route for 0800XXXXXXX

(As a side note , using ‘.’ as an acceptable outbound route is generally considered ‘reckless’ :wink: )

I will consider a “.” the next time I’m facing this issue. I don’t want to add rules for each possible situation, situations that only occur once every 100 years :slight_smile: