Different Find Me/Follow Me with internal and external Calls

Hello together!
Is there any way to have an internal call not to be used the Follow Me rules (Ring Strategy und Follow Me list) and just ring the extension whilst a call from external numbers should have a Ring Strategy on the same extension?
My first idea was to have 2 diffent extensions on the same phone. One for internal calls and one for external calls. But there might be a better way?
(FreePBX 15 with Yealink and Fanvil phones)

You might be able to do something creative with queues for extension only calls, but in reality it might be easier to achieve this via custom dial plan.

Look at agent restrictions.

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You can probably do it with a custom dialplan. What is your extension range?

I have extensions from 10 to 99 but also use some extensions greater like 201 or 401 and 402 for ring groups. My external numbers-range is 0 to 99.

There is a Dynamic Routes module that might be able to handle this.


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