Different CID on outgoing calls depending of number dialed?


I have done quite some searches on internet and here too but could not find an up-to-date and proper solution for my “issue”.
I’m switching away from 3CX to FreePBX. I’d like to keep same behaviour I had for outgoing calls.
I have a DID in country A and one in country B. I want that outgoing calls to country A be done with DID from country A, similar for country B, and if number dialled is neither country A or B it uses country 1 DID.
Any idea how to do that ?



I am assuming that these calls all use the same trunk.

Set up an Outbound Route that matches country A, fill in Route CID with your country A number and check Override Extension. Set up another route for country B, the same way. These routes should come before the ‘catch-all’ route (which will allow the Outbound CID for the extension, presumably country 1, to pass). All three routes should be placed after any Emergency Routes.

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