Difference between Queue priorities & Queue weight

Anyone help me to understand the core functionalities difference between Queue weight & queue priorities.
In which scenario we can use Queue weight & Queue priorities.

Advanced Queues (asteriskdocs.org)

Sometimes you need to add people to a queue at a higher priority than that given to other callers. Perhaps the caller has already spent time waiting in a queue, and an agent has taken some information but realized the caller needed to be transferred to another queue. In this case, to minimize the caller’s overall wait time, it might be desirable to transfer the call to a priority queue that has a higher weight (and thus a higher preference), so it will be answered quickly.

Within a queue, we can penalize members in order to lower their preference for being called when there are people waiting in a particular queue. For example, we may penalize queue members when we want them to be a member of a queue, but to be used only when the queue gets full enough that all our preferred agents are unavailable.

So, when weight controls the priority of the queue (and the queued calls in it) relative to the other queue. Priority/penalty controls which agents will receive what calls first.

The queue with the most weight will present to agents before the other queues, and that call will be answered by the agent logged in with the lowest penalty.

You’ve defined penalty, not priority.

As I recall it priority controls the position of the caller within the queue. When an agent (queue member) becomes free they will try to pick the highest available priority caller within that queue.

Virtual Queues - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

Virtual Queues are a feature of the VQ Plus commercial module. A virtual queue is used to override the settings of a real queue on a per-call basis. When a call flows through the virtual queue, the settings you have selected will be applied to a real queue later in the call flow. You can use a virtual queue as a destination in other modules, such as inbound routes or an IVR.

Hi Comtech & david55
you are talking about queue weight & agent penalty in queue that is fine.
But i need difference between queue weight and queue priorities module , their use case. please see the below screen shot , queue priorities is separate module.

Queue Priority allows you to set a caller’s priority in a queue. By default, a caller’s priority is set to 0. Setting a higher priority will put the caller ahead of other callers already in a queue. The priority will apply to any queue that this caller is eventually directed to. You would typically set the destination to a queue, however that is not necessary. You might set the destination of a priority customer DID to an IVR that is used by other DIDs, for example, and any subsequent queue that is entered would be entered with this priority.

So you can create different priority paths and then connect them to call flows/treatments. They all lead to the same queue, but you could front-load some callers by providing a priority line number that goes in at a higher queue priority.

Thank you for the update. will check the same.

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