I’m a bit confused on DID. We have 8 POTS lines. I read that DID will not work with a POTS line. Is this true. Or can you configure that certain lines ring to certain extensions.


What exactly are you trying to do?

que pena soy nuevo en esto y quisiera saber un par de cosas:
Freepbx se puede instalar sin ningun problema en un linux workstation, con ambite grafico (Centos5), por que realizo la instalacion de todo (asterisk, librerias, Freepbx) sin arrojarme ningun error pero cuando intento ingresar por http al freepbx no me aparece y veo que el amportal start y amportal stop reportan que el comando no existe.

y lo que me deja preocupado es que no reporto ningun error en la instalacion…

por favor cualquier ayuda se las a gradezco…


I’m trying to have the system send certain phone numbers to certain extensions. Basically give the boss a private number while still allowing that number to be used for outgoing calls by everyone.

Just set up an incoming route with the 10 digit number of the copper line as the DID and then set the destination at the bottom to go to his extension.

So it does work with POTS lines. I had read that DID only works with DSL or T1 lines.


it does not (in the current implementation assuming you are using a zap interface). You will need to use the Channel Routing option in the inbound routes. Just put the channel number instead of the DID in the inbound route and that should handle it.

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So would that be ZAP/g0 ZAP/g1 or just the g0.


What you may mean is that outbound calling will show the callerid of the pots line that is used to make the call.

the channel number is entered as the exact channel number for the line in question. So if it is channel 8 (which may look like 1-8 on the cli) you would put “8”.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

Ah, yes. It would be by Zap channel. Sorry about that.