DID variable for billing

Usually some people have not only one DID, and they want to generate a report of each call or minutes on each of this DID’s.

I suggest a little modification to CORE to make it available.

Modification on file functions.inc.php of module core system.


 $ext->add($context, $exten, '', new ext_setvar('CDR(userfield)','DID:${EXTEN}'));


 $ext->add($context, $exten, '', new ext_setvar('__FROM_DID','${EXTEN}'));

and a new CDR userfield is set with data about DID, then we can have this information on CDR.

I hope it can be added for a future upgrade, or maybe somethin similar.


Posting this here will just get lost and not addressed. Please on he left hand side select development, report a bug and place your request there as a feature request.

That way the developers will see it and it might happen. Leaving it here, it will just scroll off and if they see it, it probably be forgotten.

Thanks, I will do it… I am new on this…