DID switching in inbound route

Here is a question. I don’t know if it is possible.
Say I have multiple DID with various Sip providers.
I create an Inbound route with a DID from a provider who has 4 Channels. So at any given time the 4 simultaneous calls can come in on that DID. I want to see if I can automatically forward the DID to another DID (SIP provider) at the time when the 4th Channel is ringing (3 channels already occupied).
I know this is probably not going to have a solution. However, if someone can suggest on how to achieve this, that would be simply great.

Not from within asterisk/FreePBX you can’t manipulate a channel you are not receiving. Maybe your provider can arrange that for you, but you would need to pay for the call I bet.

If you can set busy forward on the fourth trunk in the hunt group via the carrier you would be all set.

Assuming that your goal is to keep from having all of your channels fill out (and losing calls), your provider would have to support that.

If you need more than 4 channels, you should consider switching to a provider that can provide that. IMHO- a provider that charges per minute shouldn’t have a channel limit, except as appropriate to prevent fraud, i.e. because you set the limit…