DID priority over ANY DID/CID?

Hello, I just setup a Any DID/CID inbound route to extension 1 and another specifying a DID and Any(blank)CID this route seems to have priority over the ANY DID/CID - is this normal behaviour ? (I didn’t click on Priority CID route on either BTW)


Sure it has priority, how would routing work if it did not.

Think of your any any route as a route of last resort.

Any routing or access list should always be designed from the smallest subset at the beginning to the largest, most inclusive rule at the bottom.

Hi Skyking, Thanks for the reply and good advice!, that’s how I thought it should work - and it does of course. It was more of a sanity check for me!. Is it possible to make the inbound route list in priority order?, because ANY/ANY is always at the top of the list - I think this is what confused me at first.

I’m thinking of trying Freepbx on a Raspberry Pi - is this a good idea…?



Where are you going to get the boards? Other than paying double on eBay I have come up with nothing.

I saw the rπ at Astricon. Very interested for digital signage and some PBX apps. I am going to do my due diligence before I put any in production.

I bought one from MCM electronics. Also may be available at Newark. Haven’t has tome to play with it, though.


They are both on backorder. As are the black cases.

I am going to start a FreePBX rπ thread, will move these messages to it. Has to wait until I get back. Headed to Romney rally.

Hi Guys, I’m in the UK and I’ve been told Maplin Electronics have Pi’s in stock, as well as RS(Radiospares)

From what I’ve read they are a couple of FreePbx distro’s out there maybe more now…