DID Outbound Route Through IAX2 Trunk

I have two PBX boxes setup, at two locations that are connected via LAN. I’ve configured an IAX2 trunk connecting the two sites, and that is working correctly. I’m trying to setup DID’s going through our main site A to site B.

I’ve setup an inbound route through site a to go to the trunk to site b and then setup an inbound route on site b to catch the DID and pass it through an extension but it just gives me an all circuits are busy when i dial the number.

Any suggestions?

My configuration is as follows:
running FreePBX 2.11 on both boxes, trunk is configured:

Peer Details:

User Details:

and vice-versa on the other box.

I’m having a similar issue with very similar setup. I see the call hitting the first PBX and getting passed to the second, where it seems to be accepted but plays ‘silence/1.ulaw’, then ‘cannot-complete-as-dialed.ulaw’, and finally ‘check-number-dial-again.ulaw’.

It appears to be completely ignoring the inbound route on the second PBX that should is set to the DID dialed into the first one and then passing to an extension connected to the second PBX.

If you or someone else resolved this can you please post a response.