DID not working in Inbound


I have analog card with 8 port and I need each number from PSTN to route into different IVR
I try to use DID but not working with me

I think if there is any method to route any port to IVR , it will good idea

any one know ?


Analogue FXO lines don’t signal called number inbound.

If this is a DAHDI device, you can put each line into a different context.

You could also use setvar= to set a channel variable, which you could presumably test as part of a FreePBX dynamic route.

Thank you for reply

Yes , it is

Please more details and explanation , I am beginner

It looks like context is a standard part of the GUI configuration for DAHDI channels. I’m not a FreePBX user, so wouldn’t want to risk telling you how to get from a custom context to an IVR, but it seems a very standard thing to want to do, so I assume it is easy.

Doing setvar may be more difficult, or impossible, under the GUI, because it owns the configuration file, but I haven’t looked deep enough to be sure there is no way round that. In any case, you can always set a variable in the custom context then goto the standard, from-pstn, context.

Thank you

I hope some one use freepbx can I explain for us


You manually assign DIDs to each DAHDI channel using the GUI:

Thank you lgaetz, It is working

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