Dialplan with SCCP pbx extension matcher

I’m having an issue with delayed dialing on SCCP devices. My dialplan seems to be pretty simple and my outbound routes seem to be configured properly. All outbound routes require a preceding 9, with the exception of 911, and my internal extensions follow the format 6XXX. When I dial anything except some of the feature codes (i.e. *97 = “*97 Matches Exactly”), The pbx extension matcher always thinks there are more matches possible, and then waits for the timeout before connecting the call. Here is an example:

There should only be one match for extension “6803”, but I get “6803 Matches More”.

There should be only one match for outbound call to “912027621401”, but I get “912027621401 Matches More”.

One interesting thing to note is that if I change the context for the extension that is being dialed from “from-internal” to “from-internal-xfer” (someone mentioned to try this in the forum), everything works as expected. Both the numbers above will match exactly and the call will connect immediately without waiting for the timeout (or pushing “dial” or #). The only issue is that on outbound calls via SIP trunk, there is no ringback tone.

I’m just trying to understand why this is happening. Any insights?

PBX Version: 16.0.19
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2204-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.25.3
SCCP: 4.3.5

Timeout issue: The from-internal context includes bad-number (context that plays “your call cannot be completed as dialed”), which intentionally matches anything, so Matches More will always be true. If you use from-internal-xfer, calling an invalid number results in a reorder tone instead.

Ringback issue: possibly, setting earlyrtp=progress in sccp.conf, or Inband Progress for the trunk will help. Otherwise, post details: fail when 180 sent by provider? When 183 sent? Is RTP being sent to device? If so, is it proper codec and not silent?

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