Dialplan is calling PJSIP headers, when I’m only using Chan_sip

Installed from Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1712-2
Asterisk version 13.21.0
Freepbx 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7

Almost every calls output these warnings/errors about PJSIP, we are not using PJSIP, all our peers are chan_sip.

So far I know it’s not causing harm, but I would like to get it clear however I can. Any insight on this would be really helpful.

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FreePBX achieves certain calling features by manipulating SIP headers on the channel at various places in the call flow. There are two SIP drivers, and there are separate dialplan applications for adding a header depending on whether it’s a sip or pjsip channel. Freepbx uses both applications to add the header, and since the channel can only be one or the other, the result is that one will succeed and one will always fail and log a warning.

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There should be a better work flow if only one channel is being utilized then the other should go away without throwing out warnings/errors. I tried setting my SIP driver to only Chan_sip and this didn’t work either.

I’m constantly looking at the logs for any issues or warnings and try to get on top of them before it becoming an issue. Having these warnings/errors throwing out every single calls can get really annoying, even if they are not causing harms.

So will Freepbx update/upgrade help with this in the future, where it only write the header to the applicable driver?

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There may be an open feature request, but if not you can file one at http://issues.freepbx.org/

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