DialPlan CRM module


I recently buy the CRM module.
I want it to work with the REST API


As i see with thoses links down below, i have to modify dialplan to send a curl post / get.

I also have a WebServer with a php code, that can retrieve curl info like that

return => [08/08/2019 14:22:12] : Array ( [test] => 1 [crm] => imalive )

How can i modify the dialplan to do a curl get/post at the end of a call ?

You don’t touch the dialplan. As a licensed user of CRM, you create a webhook using the methods shown on the page you linked. Once you create the webhook, that URL will be called automatically on all inbound and/or outbound calls. You must then configure the host defined by the webhook to receive and parse the POST data.

Have you seen this post: CRM Webhooks not being called

Thank you for your fast reply.

I don’t get the method well.

Can you tell me what should i do with the CRM module to do a simple CURL post for each calls?

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