Dialling plans

Prepend Prefix Pattern Match
0064 0 09NXXXXXX

The first one works just fine i.e. the user dials the number and the correct dialling code (international and local) is added.

The second one does not work. What I am trying to achieve is if a number like 091234567 is dialled, that the 0 is stripped off and the international dialling code is added i.e. 006491234567

Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong

Yeah, that’s what caused your problem. 0|91234567 will match the pattern “091234567” but it will only pass “91234567” to the trunk. I’m glad this solved your problem.

excellent… worked out what was wrong I was putting 0064+0|09NXXXXXX

I though you had to list the digit before having it removed.


You will need to look into using a combination of removing a dialing prefix using “|” and adding a dialing prefix using “+”.

For example, to add the “0064” prefix to the number and remove the “0” prefix of the original number dialed, it would look something like this:


If you hover your cursor over the Dial Rules in the web interface, it will provide you with detailed information on how to do this. I hope this helps.