Dialled Number (Called Number) in CDR

FreePBX - ISO Install

My call flow is as follows:

=> Customer dials 888-888-8888 (inbound route)
=> Call enters Queue
=> Extensions 1001 answers the call from the queue

Any suggestions or pointer to documentation as to how I can log Called Number or Dialled Number (888-888-8888) into CDR?


It’s already logged in the DID column. What are you seeing there if not the DID?

@lgaetz you are correct. I have been using an old version of Elastix for around 10 years. In that server I had to get some custom changes done in extensions.conf etc to extract the Dialled number and store in userfield.

With this new server, I jumped to assume I would need a similar custom coding but your correct, the DID field does seem to have the dialed number. I will test it further to be fully sure.

Any ideas, how I can include DID in my “voicemail to email” message body?


There is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:

Length:	${VM_DUR} seconds
Date:	${VM_DATE}

Thank you!
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I did not find anything here:


Not possible, recently discussed here: Add variable for number dialed to Voicemail to Email

Thanks again!!

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