Dialing Voice Mail

Sangoma S500

I have an extension 202. It doesn’t have a voicemail box assigned to it.

I would like to program a button or change the existing hard coded button to dial into mailbox 700.

How do I go about doing this via Endpoint Manager?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Hi @MC1
You can go to Endpoint Manager > Global Settings > Enable “Admin UCP for All”
After that you will see something like this on the Extension Mapping:

Just click there and add a BLF key with value *98700
That will create a BLF to call to the Extension 700’s voicemail (of course, you need the password)

Thanks Sergio

That worked perfectly. I guess there’s no way to changed the default button on the phone? That would be the button that has the printed envelope on it?


On most phones, changing the Mailbox setting for extension 202 to [email protected] will do what you want (don’t change anything in Endpoint Manager).

Thanks Stewart for the help.

The default mailbox button on the phone still dials 200 where as programming a BLF key with *98700 gets me into the voicemail box.

I know nothing about these phones, but on most phones the Message button defaults to *97 and there is a configuration setting to change it to anything you want. Dialing 200 seems bizarre. It could conceivably dial 202 (its own extension number), but on FreePBX (with default settings), that would only go to voicemail after the ring timeout. Do you have a log showing a call to 200?

Sorry Stewart. The phone / button is dialing 202.

That still seems weird. Is there a setting in the phone to configure it? Also, how does this pick up voicemail? On my vanilla FreePBX, if I dial my own extension, it rings until the timeout, then plays my greeting. Of course I can interrupt that and enter the PIN, but that’s not a reasonable way to access VM.

It used to drop you into VM if you dialed yourself, but as if you were leaving a message. If you want to get to the options, you’d have to be set up for “*” intercept.

Either way, I agree that the button should be dialing *97 or *98202 (depending on how the button is programmed in the EPM).

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