Dialing rules

I want to set up one of my outgoing trunks so that you have to dial 9 to place a call on that trunk. In my dialing rules I put in 9|NXXNXXXXXX 91|NXXNXXXXXX and in the outbound dial prefix I put in 9. But when I try to use the trunk by dialing 9 then the number it gives me the call can not be completed as dialed error. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

I’m not clear exactly what you put where.

Here is what I believe you should do:
in Outbound route, in Dial Patterns box, put your
Select the trunk you want to go out

Now go to that trunk.
In that trunk,
you will probably have to put in Outgoing Dial Rules:
if going out a SIP VOIP provider.
If you are trying to go out an office POTS line (such as via FXO gateway), and you need the 9, then you might need

Also, you have to make sure your phone has its internal dial-plan set to allow what you are dialing.

You only need to put the following on an outbound route:


That’s it nothing else on the dial routes or noting