Dialing Plan for outbound routes

This is my first installation of Asterisk. I am using Digium D40 phones with a Digium 8-port telephony card. I am running FreePBX version 2.11 on Asterisk 11.

I think there is a simple answer to this, but I am unable to find anything to help me. I want to be able to dial a 7-digit local number, a 10-digit long distance number, OR a 3-digit extension without having to press the “Dial” button the phone. Is there a way to do this?

Also, if I dial 7 digits and press the dial button on the phone, the call go through just fine. However, if I press the speaker button and dial the 7-digits, calls “cannot be completed as dial”. Why is that?

Thank you for any input.

You can read about it here


This helps a little, but when I modify this plan nothing changes. Should this plan be modified at the outbound route level or the trunk level?

The Dial Plan for the phone will be on the phone itself, how did you provision these phones?

I used the DPMA module.

Then maybe take your questions to Digium?

I will try and see what they say. Thanks.

So, Digium support says they can’t help me because I am using FreePBX. Any additional help would be appreciated.

I currently have it setup like this…

In FreePBX under extensions, I have each extension using this digit map
In FreePBX under Outbound routes, I have my outgoing calls configured with this dialing plan:

If I dial the number, pick up the handset, the call gets sent immediately when I lift the handset.
If I dial the number, press the speaker button, the call gets sent as soon as I hit the speaker button.
If I pickup the handset OR press the speaker button, THEN dial the number, it says “call cannot be completed as dialed” right after the 3rd digit is dialed.

Can you tell me if this is normal behavior for this system or can I change this with a different digit map/dialing plan? If yes, how and where do I make these changes?

the [0-9]xx will always match the first three numbers you dial. try the following


Your first dial plan is [0-9]xx that is why. Order is important.

Wow. That did it. So, should I have the [0-9]xx in there at all? If so, where should it go?

That would be totally up to how you have provisioned your system.

OK, now my 3 digit extensions dont dial right away like they used to.

Well, I want my 3-digit internal extensions to dial the same way, meaning I want the call to be sent as soon as I dial 100 or 101 or 103, etc.

Nevermind that last one. I just tweaked the digit map to this and it works like I want it to. Any downside to this digit map that I should know about?


You can’t because you have a rule 1xxxxxxxxxx that is why PBX’s tend to use extenstions [2-8]XX(x) and often prepend outside calls with a 9 , It is all about how you plan your most significant digit dial plan.

1xx.T3 is already included in [0-8]xx.T3

Ah, I see. I think I got it from here. Thanks a million for your help!