Dialing Out on Different Lines

I am setting up a new PBX from scratch to replace our old Asterisk 1.8 server. In our old 1.8 setup, the dialplan is setup so that users have multiple SIP accounts that their phones registered. Then, we mapped internal extension and DIDs to those SIP registrations as needed. This may be a “normal” setup, but I’m trying to see how we’ll handle multiple lines on phones using FreePBX.

I think I have the incoming calls just about figured out – setup Inbound Routes. I see that if a user has their own DID, I’ll just set that up as an Incoming Route and make the destination their extension. Then depending on which phone number the call is coming in on, I can specify a CID prefix so the user knows which line the call is coming in on.

What I haven’t figured out yet is the Outbound dialing. We have 2 companies under the same roof, and multiple users “work” for both companies. So at different times we’ll need to dial out using a different CID. Since we’re using PJSIP, for each user I plan on registering multiple devices (desk phone, softphone, etc) to their extension, unlike our previous Asterisk 1.8 setup where we created multiple SIP accounts to account for multiple devices. If our desk phones only have the single extension registered to them, how will I setup dialing out on a different line? I’ve seen phone systems before that let you pick a line before dialing out. Is this something I can setup for all phones, and then register each user’s individual extension to their phone?

We do have Endpoint Manager, but I haven’t figured it out yet either.


If I’m understanding you correctly how we have it setup is:

If you don’t dial any prefix so you just dial area code or 1+area code it matches that to our main outbound route CID of Company 1

If you want to call out as company 2 then you dial 8+ area code or 8+1areacode

Company 3 is 7+area code


Thanks! That is certainly an idea, and that could handle one of my use cases. I just thought of another:

Company main #: 555-123-0012
user 1 is assigned: 555-123-4567
user 2 is assigned: 555-123-7890

What would be the best way to allow these users to call out using their assigned DIDs if they choose to?

Two possible choices:

  1. Set the Caller ID at the phone and let that be passed through on the way out.
  2. Set up the “extension” column (the new 4th column on the outbound route selector) so that each extension connect through the correct caller ID.

Just to be clear, if your provider doesn’t care about foreign Caller IDs, as long as the CID is set, no one but your billing department will know which trunk you are actually using.

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