Dialing out of Outlook


What’s the best way to dial out from outlook?

I have use the Activa TSP in the past, but it doesn’t look like the software is being maintained.

Any suggestions

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Out of what part of Outlook? Are you trying to dial anything that looks like a phone number, out of a contact record, or what?

I haven’t looked at external dialers in a couple of years, so any answer I might have would be old and based on Asterisk 11 or so.


In the early days of Zulu I think there was an Outlook plugin. It doesn’t appear to exist now.


I would like to have the “click on anything that looks like a phone number” click to dial solution.
But in the old days you would add a TSP to the control panel and then to phones and modem. This would allow you to dial from Outlooks contacts.
The only thing I have ever used was the Activa TSP for Asterisk. It’s still works, but I’m sure there are better options.

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